Oh Lord Jesus It's A Fire


Hi there!

 Last week on the blog I began discussing chronic inflammation and how it leads to multiple diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. I also shared with you the role that our nutrition plays in reducing inflammation.

 One really easy way to wrap your head around this whole “chronic inflammation” thing is if you can think of your body like a house….a house on fire. 

 As Sweet Brown said on the now famous video clip, “Oh Lord Jesus, it’s a fire…ain’t nobody got time for that!” (Did you watch it? It makes me laugh evvvvvery time!) …. Well, neither do you, sister. The more fires you’ve got burning in your body, the more you start breaking on down. And not like James Brown. 

Every time you are exposed to “stress” via diet, lifestyle or the environment, you start these “little fires” (aka: inflammation) all over your body. Let’s say you catch a cold and get a fever. The fever is a form of inflammation (aka: fire). It heats up your body to get rid of the virus. This is CHRONIC inflammation. It’s necessary and good. 

However, when the body is in a constant state of an inflammatory response (like stress), you become susceptible to aging and disease. The “fire fighters” in your body are running all over the place trying to put those fires out left and right. As soon as they get one out, another one starts, and then another and another…..And as strong (and sexy) as those internal fire fighters are, this is exhausting for them and eventually, they fall over half dead themselves from exhaustion. Not a pretty sight. 

Our ultimate goal is to put out aaallll the fires and cool down the body. One of the ways to do this is through food and another really wonderful way through the use of essential oils. And that is what I’d like to teach you about today. 

Essential oils are powerful, plant-based extracts that feed your cells and heal the body. They come from the roots, bark, leaves and flowers from trees, shrubs etc.  In a nutshell, what they do in nature is what they will do in the body. So if the plant has an anti-bacterial coating on the leaves to repel bacteria from destroying the plant, that is what it will do in your body. They also act as food for your cells!

Here is an analogy to help you understand how they work:
Say you are getting ready to go to an event and you notice it is pouring rain outside. The rain is splashing down in pellets on your windows and you decide to ditch the cute shoes and put on your Hudson rainboots instead. You also grab your umbrella. (Or, if you are like me and you have little people who get a rush from breaking every umbrella in the house… you use a trash bag over your head. But I digress…)

 Essential oils kinda act like the rain – they tell your cells WHAT TO DO. They will also kill viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, heal cells, reduce inflammation and more. 

 Oils like Frankincense, Turmeric, Patchouli, or Ginger along with eating a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet (AND making mindful lifestyle choices), can help reduce inflammation and aide in preventing disease or dis-ease in your body. It’s as simple as taking a few drops sublingually or in a capsule 2-3x per day, every day, as well as applying in various places on the body. 

 My whole family uses essential oils and have seen first-hand over and over again, how powerful these oils are. If you would like to learn more about how essential oils can help you restore your body to health, please email me at: Carolina@EquiBalanceHealth.com  (PS:  I am also a plant-based medicine rep with doTERRA and can help you get any essential oils that you need. Visit my page by clicking here: www.mydoterra.com/carolinamarrelli )


Remember: Health radiates, and so can you!


Shine Bright,