“75% of healthcare costs in America are because of preventable, chronic diseases that are STRESS related. Women are more susceptible than men because we process stress differently. The scientific data now show that women in stress-related jobs have a 40% greater risk for heart disease and a 60% greater risk for diabetes.”

- Ariana Huffington


meet carolina

It wasn’t until I went through my own health crisis that my life trajectory and focus was changed. As a result, EquiBalance Health was born. Sometimes the best gift comes wrapped in really ugly wrapping paper!


The philosophy

I take an integrative holistic approach when working with a woman. I pull back the layers of her life (and lifestyle) to find where those imbalances are rooted, and then coach her through a process of change so balance can be restored.


wellness collaborations

I work in conjunction with several holistic-minded doctors and therapists in the Miami, FL area with whom I have built trusted relationships and who are in alignment with my method of care.


"Carolina gets to the heart of the matter quickly, lovingly, and wisely and offers her advise with so much kindness and complete understanding, you feel empowered to act on it. She also kicks your ass when you need it and always in love and honesty. If you're looking for grounding, sound, life-changing support see Carolina!"

- Jessy G., Touring Musician

"I left my first session with Carolina sobbing my eyes out because I forgot that I have value and worth....I was always catering to everyone else's wants and needs but was neglecting my own in order to make everybody else happy. Carolina reminded me who I really am. I walked away feeling like I had found myself again."

- Ann F., Personal Trainer


"Carolina came in to our offices for our Corporate Health and Harmony Day. She peeled back a lot of the personality issues we were having on our sales floor and got people talking about what makes them tick, what makes them different and what kind of recharge they require."

- Tiffany K., HR/Managing Partner at Global Business Lending

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I offer several options to clients, based on their unique, individual needs.



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