The Value Of Intentional Connection



I’ve made a point to be #intentional about #connecting with women that I’ve wanted to connect with, but for various reasons, have chosen not to do so. If I’m gut wrenchingly honest, it was my own insecurity that held me captive. 

Well, I decided to do something about it and I’m glad that I did. Because I learned a valuable lesson from it. 

On Friday, I finally got the courage to introduce myself to this lady at our gym who has the most amazing figure ever. Like, A-FREAKING-MAZING. Every time I would see her, I would think to myself, “go talk to her and ask her about her routine!” But I was always too shy to do so. (Side note: I am NOT shy and normally have no problem going up to a complete stranger to compliment them. Why this one was so different, I have no idea. End of side note)

It’s not every week that we are in the gym together at the same time, but this time we were and again, I noticed her  amazing toned shoulders / arms - heck WHAT WASN’T TONED??? So, what did I do? With ZERO shyness or reserve, I walked right up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, stuck my hand out to introduce myself and you know what? We had the most wonderful 10 min conversation….and surprise! She could not have been ANY nicer! She even offered to teach me some new things I can add to my own routine that would work around my neck issue. 

Another opportunity arose the following day. I made a point to start a conversation at a party with the friend of one of family members. Who I’ve known for 13 years. I think the most I’ve ever said to her in 13 years was “hi.” (Pathetic in my book - I have no problem talking to complete strangers) 

All this time I could have sworn she wasn’t very friendly because she never ever, ever spoke to me. (Yet I was doing the same thing - *sigh*). So, what did I do? I walked right up to her at the party, and I struck up a conversation. And you know what? Within a few minutes, we agreed that we “should totally meet for coffee and get to know each other.”  (Turns out she is very nice but SUPER, SUPER SHY and that’s why she never spoke to me) 

Looking back at these encounters, I feel proud of myself. I did something I had been scared to do, but went for it anyway. I decided to be intentional about making a connection with a stranger (or “stranger but not really a stranger” in Saturday’s case) with no strings attached. Just me, getting out of my comfort (scared-E-cat) zone, and going for it. And it felt really good.  I ended up meeting some REALLY wonderful people as a result and who knows what will happen! 

All of this to say, if there is someone that you want to connect with, but feel (____Insert feeling here___), remember this story and go for it. Pick up the phone, send an email, write a letter or just walk right up to the person.... You might just end up pleasantly surprised!