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Welcome to the club!!

I would like to extend my warmest heartfelt CONGRATS on your pregnancy or birth of your new baby!

As a Mom myself, I know first-hand both the JOYS, as well as the bumps in the road, that come along with pregnancy…. And all too well those months afterwards when the sleepless nights, low energy, hormone craziness and crying little one(s) begin to take their toll.

I also know what it’s like to want to give yourself, and your baby, the best possible healthcare during the season of pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.


But what if …

you are more holistic (or natural) minded and don’t want to use medications or products that are full of chemicals for things like morning sickness, fatigue, tender breasts/cracked nipples, constipation, high blood pressure, swelling, itchy skin, muscle aches and pains, the common cold, or even headaches?

And what about the baby once he/she is born? What can you do for diaper rash, colic, acid reflux, tummy aches, fever, earaches or any of the other unexpected problems that arise in the middle of the night – conveniently when CVS or the pediatrician’s office is closed? Are there products out there that are safe for your little one and aren’t full of chemicals? And that don’t cost a fortune?

The answer is… YES!

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Shine Bright, 


Carolina Marrelli, I.N.H.C.

Principal | EquiBalance Health

Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach + Certified Plant-Based Medicine Instructor

American Association of Drugless Practitioners